View from F-J-Hohe (50x61 cm)
Cloudy Day in The  Alps (40x50 cm)
Strong Wind - The Alps (18x24 cm)
Windy Day - The Alps (50x61 cm)
Cloudy Sky Above The Alps (50x61 cm)
The Hohe Tauern View (27x41 cm)
Rocky Slope (18x24 cm)
The Tirol Sky (41x27 cm)
Edlenkopf (40x50 cm)
Windy Day (24x18 cm)
Lake in the Alps (24x30 cm)
San Ray on the Crag (24x30 cm)
Clouds over Hohe Tauern (65x50 cm)
Hohe Tauern (50x40 cm)
Alpine Landscape (24x30 cm)
The Alps - Windy Day (40x70 cm)

Bartek Leszczyna

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