Born in Warsaw, 1974. Studied at the Academy

of Fine Arts in Warsaw, at the Faculty of Painting.

He graduated with honours from Prof. Leon Tarasewicz studio in 1999. In the same year he also obtained a diploma in Mural Art Techniques from Edward Tarkowski's studio.

In the earlier years of his studies he worked

at Prof. Jan Tarasins painting studio.

Jerzy Mierzwiak from the High School of Art in Warsaw is to be mentioned as the artist and teacher who was important during Bartek's pre-university period of art education.

1988-1989 he attended the Art College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Bartek Leszczyna had a number of solo shows and took part in many group exhibitions both in Poland and in Ireland.

In 2014 he won the 1-st place and The Main Prize in the nationwide painting competition "Warsaw Cityscape" ("Warszawski Pejzaż"), in "History" category. He was also granted The Special Prize by the founders of The Foundation of the Polish Art Gersonica (Fundacja Sztuki Polskiej Art Gersonica"), who organised the competition, and the Jury of the competition.

In 2000 he won 1-st prize for painting in the International Art Festival Zdarzenia-

-Europa, 2000 in Tczew, Poland.

He currently lives and works in Mokotów, Warsaw.

Bartek Leszczyna