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Traditional, figurative art that I create is inspired by my immediate surroundings with which I have a natural emotional bond. I am a mountain lover, but I am particularly close to the Tatras, which I have often visited since I was a child. The subject of the Tatra Mountains is a separate trend in my painting, parallel to the cityscapes.


I am not trying to create in isolation from nature, which, even for abstract art, always seems to be the starting point, though often unconscious. Realism is basically the formula of expression closest to me, although I process the presented reality and organize it in my own way, often reducing or adding individual elements of the composition.


For me, the biggest challenge in painting are formal decisions, because they ultimately determine the final impact of a painting. The theme itself is basically just an excuse for playing with the form, but the starting theme always has to make a strong impression on me.

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